Teaching Philosophy

(myself, performing in August 2019 at a student concert)

From the minute a student walks through the door, my priority is first and foremost to foster a safe and fun learning environment. Students come to me for a wide variety of reasons - some are music students that wish to hone their techniques, and some are simply just seeking to improve their confidence. Some students may come to me with a well developed voice, and some may never have sung before in their life. I believe both of these types of students are valid, and seek to tailor my time with them accordingly.

I believe good technique starts from the ground up, and so I take a "head-to-toe" approach. I do a "Vocal MOT" for every new student (and occasionally for existing students that need a reminder) that covers:

- Posture
- Pitch
- Projection
- Jaw Placement
- Vowel Shaping
- Tonality
- And much, much more!

In addition to this, I place a large emphasis on developing confidence, and as such I have developed a reputation for bringing shy singers out of their shells. I really relish discussing hopes and wishes with a student and helping them achieve this, and I do this by separating the bigger picture into short-term achievable goals and long-term projects. As many of us will know, we can drill theory and technique all day long, but if we don't have the confidence to implement this, then it's only half the story.
The first thing students and their parents will say about me is that I really care. There is no "one size fits all" approach with me, and every person that comes through the door needs something different from me as their singing teacher.
I care about developing a good rapport with students; because I realise that I'm not just teaching singing here - I'm teaching motivation, goal setting, self-sufficient learning, assertive decision-making, amongst many other valuable life skills.

My passion as a singing teacher is fuelled by a life-long love of singing, and learning. I want every student to feel the same joy I do when singing: and it is so beneficial to our holistic health too, so I think everyone should be doing it!

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