From former pupils:

"Steffani is a great teacher who is willing to listen to her pupils and help them to flourish into exciting new musicians. Not only does she encourage you to try new genres she also helps you to master difficult songs; often singing along quietly to support and give experience of harmonising with others. She has a wide range of warm-up methods to suit everyone. She is always willing to help you and encourages you to continue even on your bad days."

"During her time teaching me, Steffani was truly an inspiration, she was kind, caring and generally a pleasure to have teach us and not only did she help us mature as musicians, but she really bonded with us and made us enjoy coming to college."

"I will always be grateful for the support Steff gave me to carry on my vocal studies when I couldn't see a way forward. I will take her teaching with me to university and beyond."

As a singer:

"Steffani provided musical entertainment at both the July and the December Crystals and Crafts Shows at Carnglaze Caverns in 2013. She sang a wide variety of material over several hours on both occasions and received praise and commendations from stall holders and visitors alike. The Caverns are renowned for their excellent acoustics - not only did her voice fill the Rum Store Cavern where she was singing, but it carried down into the two lower chambers where I was conducting guided tours. She was singing 'Lacrymosa' - it was a profoundly moving experience and we all agreed she had the voice of an angel!"

- Caroline Richards of Carnglaze Caverns

"Enchanting to see and hear, with vocals like nectar. After hearing her at my festival, she is welcome to my events any day".

- Karen

"Steffani Benton performed at the Carnglaze Caverns Wedding Fayre, hosted by the Every Avenue Weddings Magazine & we were all extremely delighted with her performance.  So much so, in fact, that we have booked her to perform again.  She was a pleasure to work with, professional throughout & had the audience in awe of her exquisite voice."
- Penny Davis of Every Avenue Weddings Magazine

"With a voice smooth as silk and an enchanting stage presence Steffani is a delight both to see and to hear. An all-round entertainer, she has the ability to captivate and hold an audience with ease. Her range and variety of performance ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Steffani has been a pleasure to work with - she’s faultlessly reliable, her communication is excellent, and it’s been a joy to spend time in her company."

- Elisha Aylmore of Madame Moxie's Masquerade

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